Huila Reserve Espresso

Cooperativa de Mujeres Cafeteras del Huila


Size: 100g


Grind Size: Whole Bean

Whole Bean
Extra Course

We have designed an espresso blend for connoisseurs, that combines the unique varietals of Tabi, Castillo, and Caturra, each renowned for their superior quality and distinctive flavor profiles. Grown in the lush landscapes of Huila, a region celebrated as the motherland of coffee in Colombia, this blend is a tribute to its rich heritage.

The result is a harmonious cup that balances the boldness of traditional espresso with the refined elegance of a pour-over.

Flavor Profile:

In the beginning a rich caramel and luscious chocolate provide a sumptuous foundation, evoking the warmth of a cozy café, then you will taste a sweet orange highlights cut through the richness, adding a soft acidity and refreshing layer that elevates the blend to new heights. To finish a delicate, lingering finish ensures every sip leaves a sophisticated impression, much like a well-crafted pour-over.